2018 was a year that the Chester Land Trust was able, after the 2016-2017 acquisition of the Judge Constance Baker Motley Preserve, to focus on other properties, programs and the installation of two more osprey nests in Chester Creek. We continue to work on our web-site and organize our membership and finances into QuickBooks. We hope to reach out to our members in 2019 with better communication and additional programs. We will be posting an updated calendar in mid-December. Check it out and mark your calendar!

It is our good fortune to have Bill Myers on our Board of Trustees as Co-Chair of stewardship, Bill consistently provides the effort and manual care needed to keep Carini and Scudder retain its’ natural setting for all to enjoy. Bill and Paul Yuhasz, another CLT Trustee, have plans for trails on the Motley Preserve and the resurrection of the Motley gardens located on Cedar Lake Road.

The Chester Land Trust is fortunate to have supportive membership from the community. It is the consistency of being a member and donating to the Chester Land Trust that ensures us that our members understand and respect our mission to “protect the irreplaceable forests, farmlands, wetland, wildlife and open spaces that Chester’s unique environment holds for the present and future generations.”  We are hopeful that the responsibility of our environment will be continually cherished by young and older residents who are new to our town and revere our culture.

We thank the Board of Selectmen for their engagement and Jenny Watrous, Chester administrator, for her continued guidance and attention. The Chester Historical Society, the Chester Rotary and members of the business community have generously helped and contributed to our 2018 programs: The Main and Maple Street Osprey Fundraiser, building and installation of osprey nest on Dock Road, The Huckleberry Finn Re-cycled Raft Race, Women’s Walks and our exciting November 13th, 2018 Annual Meeting featuring guest speaker, Professor Robert Thorsen, author, geologist and UConn professor who will enlighten us with his discussion on “Stone Walls of New England ~ Debunking Mainstream History!"

The 2018 Board of Trustees consists of officers: Priscilla Robinson, President, Steve Cline, Vice President, and Deb Dembo/Pete Yuhasz, Co-secretaries. The Board of Trustees voted Amy Pullin to become a Trustee and assume the role as Treasurer for 2018. 

This outstanding Board is comprised of varied talents with each member contributing unique views and values to our monthly Board of Trustee Meetings. Trustees: Jenny Kitsen (senior advisor) Steve Cline, Deb Dembo, Amy Pullin, Bill Myers, Marie Anne Heft, Paul Yuhasz, Fran Curto, David Platt, Paulette Heft, Priscilla Robinson and new to the Board in April 2018, Gail Norling.

September 12, 2018, CLT Board of Trustee Senior Advisor, Jenny Kitsen and Marta Daniels, author and Chester Land Trust member, completed and submitted the Chester Land Trust application to be considered for the Connecticut Freedom Trail for the Judge Constance Baker Motley Preserve. The extent of passion, work and detail submitted is beyond reproach. When accepted, the Chester Land Trust will host a celebration in late January 2019 to acknowledge and honor the efforts of Daniels and Kitsen and of course, Judge Motley, for bringing such esteem and recognition to the Chester Land Trust and the Town of Chester.

Submitted September 26, 2018
Priscilla Robinson
Chester Land Trust President

The 2018 Chester Land Trust Annual Report


Chester, Connecticut