Chester, Connecticut

Unfortunately in 2021 the COVID epidemic continued throughout the year. The Chester Land Trust remained committed with our dedicated mission – Protecting irreplaceable forests, farmlands, wetlands and wildlife for the purpose of enjoying our natural resources, open spaces, and our unique environment for present and future generations here in Chester. We are fortunate to have our loyal membership and friends that generously support the CLT mission. We hope that everyone will respect, admire, and enjoy all of our open space here in Chester. Chester residents have always considered open space, passive recreation, and environmental concerns a high priority here in town.
The 2021 Board of Trustees consisted of the Officers: President Bill Myers, Vice President Jenny Kitsen, Treasurer Patrick Russell-Walsh, and Co-Secretaries Steve Kline and Pete Yuhasz. Other Trustees include Deb Dembo, Gail Norling, Marie-Ann Heft, Dennis Coleman, and Fran Curto.   
CLT currently owns 94 acres of open space in Chester and have another 18 acres secured in Conservation Easements. Maintenance, upkeep, and the monitoring of our 14 preserves continues as a major priority task. The Carini preserve at 30 Water Street in the center of town and the Constance Baker Motley Preserve at 100 Cedar Lake Road are the most visited preserves. At the Carini Preserve this year, we completely re-stained and repainted our Gazebo and installed new increased seating. Knotweed removal continues here as a routine measure to control this non-native invasive plant.

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, The Chester Land Trust, assisted by the Town of Chester, conducted a town-wide Cleanup Day this spring. 45 volunteers showed up, and over the next few hours 41 large garbage bags of trash were filled and collected from locations around town. It took 2-1/2 truck loads to collect all the trash bags by the dedicated volunteers. 
At the Motley Preserve, we installed 14 new tree identification signs on the Little Rock Nine Hiking Trail. Existing at this preserve is a half-mile loop hiking trail that was designed and built on this seven-acre preserve. It is considered a “moderate to difficult” natural terrain trail. The public has offered great reviews.
We have done significant improvements and many other changes to the Chester Land Trust website to improve communications with supportive members and residents. Follow the work of CLT on the website – – as we continue to protect open space for current and future generations here in Chester. Included on our updated website is the very first YouTube video we have made to improve our communication which provides a great overview of the CLT’s important role here in Chester.
Submitted September 2021
Bill Myers
President Chester Land Trust

The 2021 Chester Land Trust Annual Report