Welcome to the Chester Land Trust website. We are a private non-profit conservation land trust organization, formed in 1987, seeking to acquire and protect open space land in Chester. We are dedicated volunteers, supported by our membership, and donations from our local community. Our mission, working together to conserve and protect natural areas in perpetuity, truly enhances the quality of life for the entire natural world.

The role of land trusts are to provide and protect crucial habitat for the wildlife, songbirds, and other flora and fauna on which we depend on in countless ways. Expanses of undeveloped land allow rain to penetrate into the ground, and replenish the ground water on which many of us depend for drinking water. That same land also cleanses stormwater runoff before it enters a stream or river. Trees and other vegetation provide absorption of air pollution. The tree canopy provides shade and contributes to the earth’s ability to cope with climate change. Large contiguous parcels of open land are essential for the survival of many species of mammals and birds. Every species requires a range within which they must forage food, and ensure protection. Many species need major geographic area of forest or wetlands, just to survive. 

All of 137 Connecticut’s Land Trusts are crucially important partners working together in Connecticut’s efforts to help mitigate the impact of climate change, invest in land conservation, and provide human recreation and enjoyment. Over 62,000 acres have been preserved by local land trusts here in Connecticut! According to the National Trust for Public Land, we lose 6,000 acres EVERY DAY to development here in the United States! We all need to work together to slow the loss of critical habitat for our threatened and endangered wildlife, as these natural areas are among our strongest defenses against our present ongoing climate change issues. If you are not a member, I urge you to join or donate to the Chester Land Trust, and help support our mission together, of protecting our precious natural world.

​Bill Myers, President

Letter from
​the President


Chester, Connecticut