The Chester Land Trust

Chester, Connecticut

Can you imagine what Chester would be like if we lost its woodlands, the streams and wetlands which are home to so many animals and wildlife?
It just wouldn’t be the place we love, and it wouldn’t be such a great place to live, work or play. You can assure that doesn’t happen by joining the Chester Land Trust as a member or volunteer. Help conserve your land by making a tax deductable charitable donation.
Collectively, we can make a difference!
Membership classifications:
Life                  $1,000.00
Steward         $   500.00
Patron            $   250.00
Sustaining   $   100.00
Friend            $     50.00
Family           $     30.00
Individual    $     20.00
Mail your dues/donation to: 
Chester Land Trust
P.O. Box 82
Chester CT 06412