Chester, Connecticut

3 April 2019
Removal of Osprey Nest

The osprey nest that was situated in Chester Creek close to the cemetery and close to trees was not occupied for over many years until there was a greater influx of osprey to the area. For the past 4 or 5 years, a family would arrive, a nest would be built, the babies (there is no name for young osprey) would be born and within a week they would be snatched or killed by predators such as owls and/or others waiting to prey on the new family.

We conferred with a person, knowledgeable of osprey and their habitat who has also worked with the Audubon group for years. He made us aware that this was a very unsafe area for the nest and would only result in the same tragic activity year after year. The nest, which was also in poor condition, was removed last week prior to any 2019 osprey setting up a new home. However, if you take a walk down Grote Road or Dock Road ( across the bridge from  Moravellas) you will see the new nest that we installed last year and the 2019 occupants have arrived and are safe and sound. There is a “husband’s” perch and the area is open and clear of trees. We have also built another nest and will install that next year prior to March in another safe location. Thank you to all, so good to know we have people watching over our feathered friends.

The Chester Land Trust