Chester, Connecticut

Nature's Classroom

A crucial role of the  Chester Land Trust’s mission is to protect the unique irreplaceable land and water environments that we have in our community. This also means that all of us need to respect and care for the wildlife, plants and natural habitat that we share. By providing information on these topics, we all become better stewards of our natural resources. The Land Trust  is offering the following information and links to everyone to help all of us  better understand our diverse ecology and protect our community for present and future generations.

Tree Signs at Motley Preserve

14 different tree identification signs have been posted on the Little Rock Nine hiking trail at the Constance Baker Motley Preserve (100 Cedar Lake Rd.). The new signs provide detailed information about each tree, including the importance of the tree in the environment, the value of the wood in the industry, and other common names and important details for each one of the named tree species.

"Tree-of-Heaven" invades Scudder Preserve

Click the image below to learn more about this non-native species.

Bring back the birds!

To know more about how to bring birds back, click the image below.