Monitoring and Maintenance of Preserves
The Chester Land Trust currently owns 14 preserves encompassing 18 land parcels of protected land in Chester, totaling 94 acres. In addition, we protect and monitor 3 Conservation Easements, totaling 18 acres. Many of the preserves are left in their natural state for a multitude of benefits for wildlife, water, and the land. Please visit the website for a complete listing of all the land trust preserves ( Several of the preserves have been improved for public enjoyment, notably the George Carini Preserve, the Scudder Preserve, and the Constance Baker Motley Preserve. Each preserve has responsible stewards, checking and inspecting the property yearly for many reasons, including public safety, invasive species and encroachment issues.

Financial Grants
The CLT made application and was the recipient of several financial grants over the past year. Applying through the Town of Chester, we proceeded through a lengthy application process and were approved to receive $25,000.00 from the American Rescue Plan Act (APRA). This funding extends over a 5 year period and is dedicated to be used on our preserves, with a specific focus on helping to remove and control invasive plant species, primarily the eradication of Japanese Knotweed (JK). JK is a serious concern on several of our preserves seriously affecting the George Carini Preserve located at 30 Water Street.

In addition, the CLT received in November of 2022, a grant of $2,083.00 from the Community Foundation of Middlesex County in Celebration of their 25 years of existence. Once again the focus of this grant concentrated on the destructive problem of invasive plants for many of the CLT preserves.

In March of 2023, after a competitive application, the Rockfall Foundation awarded the CLT a $1,200.00 grant for invasive plant management and related matters.

In April of 2023, the Chester Land Trust was awarded $1,092.00 from Essex Savings Bank. The ESB holds yearly a Community Investment Program give-back opportunity, which in 2023 84 non-profit organizations were voted upon and awarded by bank customers. 

Public Outreach
On October 16th, 2022, a public education program was held at the Chester Meeting House. The topic focused on “The Dams of Chester”, and was co-hosted by the Chester Land Trust, the Chester Historical Society, and the Chester Conservation Commission. Expert speakers from a variety of backgrounds lectured on the past and current issues of the many dams that Chester has within this town.

On November 24th, 2022, the Chester Land Trust, along with the Town of Chester, held a dedication program in the memory of resident Anna Sweeney, who passed away unexpectedly. Anna was a longtime resident and attorney who dedicated herself to decades of commitment of conservation and environmental protection here in Chester. A 10 acre parcel of town-owned open space land in the rear of North Quarter Park was dedicated as the “Anna Sweeney Preserve” .

The CLT Annual meeting was held on December 6th, 2022.  This was our first in person meeting after 3 years of Covid “Zoom” meetings.  Our guest speaker was Christian Allyn, a University of Connecticut graduate and trained invasive plant scientist. The CLT hired Mr. Allyn to assist in the specific management of invasive species.  Funding from the Community Foundation of Middlesex County assisted in this function.

Earth Day, April 22, 2022
The Chester Land Trust planned and hosted our 3rd Annual town-wide clean up in honor of “Earth Day”. With crucial assistance from the Town of Chester, over 40 dedicated volunteers scoured the town and streets and removed over 61 bags of trash and litter along with many other larger items. The trash bags were sorted thru and items were removed for proper recycling procedures. It was a great success!

Chester Land Trust Board of Directors (Trustees)
The Officers: President Bill Myers, Vice President Jenny Kitsen, Treasurer Felise Cressman, Co-secretaries Steve Cline and Pete Yuhasz. Other Trustees:  Deb Dembo, Marie Ann-Heft, Michael Cressman, Fran Curto, David Miller, and Eli Glascoff.

Submitted on 09/05/23
Bill Myers, President
Chester Land Trust

The 2023 
​Chester Land Trust Annual Report

Chester, Connecticut